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Egypt | Makadi Bay

Extra Divers Makadi Bay

Egypt | 2014

After 2011, my wife and me visited Extra Divers Makadi Bay for the second time and, this is save to say, it was fantastic and we had 10 fantastic diving days at their house reef. We were very lucky with the weather (no - moderate wind, 22-23°C water temperature) and the visibility was mostly good to very good. This time we focussed on diving exclusively the house reef since most fish that can be found in the Red Sea are present there and the house reef is easy to dive (depth ~2 to 20 meters).

The Dive Center (until November 2015)

The dive center is managed by Sandra Pierau and Jens Weckert and their team of dive instructors and guides. The dive center is equipped with DIN-aluminium tanks (mainly 12 and 15 liter) and nitrox (32%) is for free for certified nitrox divers. They offer short trips, half and full-day boat trips to close-by diving sites. They also offer basic and advanced courses and my wife and I were thinking about a scooter course but time was short and we skipped it.

Diving with Extra Divers Makadi Bay was really great fun. All people are very friendly, always willing to help and after diving we often talked about diving, dive sites and this and that. I had some trouble with my regulator that was immediately and easily solved by one of the instructors of the dive center. We dived three times a day and, during lunch, it was no problem to charge my strobe batteries at the reception. The guys there took care about my camera so that we just could go for lunch to the hotel/beach bar and we didn't have to take the heavy camera all the way to the hotel and back. So, five stars for the diving center and we can absolutely recommend Extra Divers Makadi Bay!

In November 2015, Extra Divers Makadi Bay have moved to the new location at Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay. We will visit the new Dive Center soon and an update will be posted in the near future! 

The House Reef

Well, although many people think the Red Sea, in particular the "old" holiday areas such as Hurghada, doesn't have the potential for great dives, I believe  this isn't the truth! Of course, there's no big fish to see on a regular basis but lots of small stuff and, if you're lucky, you might see turtles and different ray species at the house reef. Generally, house reef diving is easy and ways are short. You just have to walk 300 meters from the dive center to the end of the marina, use the stairs into the water, swim 30 meters and you reached the first reef, Gabriel. The house reef consists of different reefs of different size. The first reef you will see is Gabriel and Sabine (it's strange but the guys there gave them german forenames) in 2-6 meters depth. If you dive deeper direction east, you will cross a seagrass area (6-12 meters depth) and then you can reach one of the deeper reefs of the house reef: Sharky and Klaus (16-30 meters depth). In between Sharky and the seagrass area Extra Divers sank clay amphorae as a kind of artificial reef; very nice and several different fish and invertebrate species already colonized the area. One thing is clear, this house reef is absolutely brilliant for beginner and advanced underwater photographers. There is so much to see so close to the shore in this bay and all spots can be reached within minutes. Makadi Bay is a hot-spot for lion fish that are everywhere and especially at the Klaus reef we've seen up to 30 lion fish (2-4 species) at a small reef block. As all fish there, lion fish are very "tame" and absolutely not afraid of divers. This was perfect for underwater photography; but see yourself ……

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